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What Were Steve Jobs’ Views on Cognitive Enhancers?

Did you know Steve Jobs had a fairly low GPA, at only 2.65? Jobs is reported as saying he never cared for the school’s structure. But he always loved learning in unconventional ways.

Steve Jobs didn’t like the system. However, he still valued learning and creativity. He also believed in trying varying means of achieving cognitive enhancement.

Let’s take a look at what Steve Jobs had to say about the use of cognitive enhancers.

Cognitive Enhancement Avenues

Jobs viewed cognition as the gateway to creative expression and success in school and business.  Steve Jobs believed that mental and physical behaviors enhance cognition. He used the techniques of meditation to improve his clarity of mind and magnify his creative side.

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation improves cognitive functioning. The science of mindfulness is a hot topic, and we do not fully understand how it works.  However, most agree that this happens is by bringing a person back into the present moment. The practice of mindfulness in daily life has also demonstrated similar benefits.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation, or deep breathing in silence and an absence of stimulation, works by:

  • Increasing the levels of oxygen in the blood
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Decrease the stress hormone cortisol in the body

All of these support cognitive functioning. When the body and mind are relaxed, your cognitive abilities have more room to expand.

Mindfulness Throughout Your Day

Mindfulness is the practice of noticing what is happening at any given moment. For instance, imagine you’re about to give a speech to 30 colleagues. Does your heart race, hands sweat and mouth become dry?

By becoming aware of these reactions, you can make a conscious effort to reduce them by letting them go. Affirmation and deep breathing are both effective during times such as these.

2. Health and Nutrition

The foods we eat can also affect our brain functioning and ability to recall information. A few of the foods that can benefit us:

  • Spinach and avocados
  • Olive oil and water
  • Walnuts and wheat germ
  • Various berries and dark chocolate
  • Coffee in moderation (too much actually leads to cognitive decline)

Steve Jobs believed in cognitive enhancers in many forms. Meditation is one avenue, as is food. Cognitive enhancing pills is another.  This article covers several non-pharmaceutical supplements that have evidence they improve cognition.

3. Same Cognitive Benefits, Less Wait

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have discovered that cognitive enhancement pills can achieve similar results in much less time.

These entrepreneurs have supplemented their daily regimen with natural or prescription-based pills to improve their daily performance.

Retaining Vital Information

People using cognitive enhancers reported increased clarity of mind and better focus. Cognitive enhancers can help you retain information that might’ve otherwise slipped away.

These results not only enhance a person’s education and professional performance, but they can also improve personal lives and relationships.

Finding the Cognitive Enhancers Right For You

There are many avenues to improved cognitive functioning and information retention. Whether you’re a college student or business professional, you can always benefit from a little cognitive boost.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your cognitive capabilities, check us out today.

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