Chemicals and Concentration Nootropics

The Future of Pharmaceuticals and IQ Enhancement

Could you imagine taking a pill that makes you smart? Pills to aid in IQ enhancement may seem like sci-fi concept, but these supplements are a reality.

People have been using herbs and chemicals to improve their brains and beef up their IQs for centuries, and now people are able to find supplements for a sharper IQ and other mental improvements.

Want to learn about the future of pharmaceuticals and smart drugs? Read on to find out.

The Current State of IQ Enhancement

It’s been proven that moderate exercise can boost cognitive ability. If we can feel good and learn better after a workout, we should be able to bottle that feeling.

Nootropics are what’s hot in the smart drug world. Programmers in Silicon Valley and traders on Wall Street claim that they help increase productivity and sharpen focus.

Many believe that the supplements help them learn faster and understand information better.

The Future of IQ Enhancement

Now that these supplements are more popular, a lot of people are wondering what’s next in the world of smart drugs.

There’s already some promising supplements and medications out on the market. Let’s dive into a few that people are excited about.


Modafinil is the latest smart drug people are talking about, even though when it was developed it was for something else.

Modafinil was made to help treat sleep disorders like narcolepsy, but people have found that the drug helped boost their ability to learn.

In terms of legitimate supplements, Modafinil is the real deal. It can improve memory, attention, learning, and other important cognitive abilities.


Fluorenol is the ideal supplement for people that feel like they need more energy to complete tasks.

Some people like the effects of Fluorenol so much that they compare it a great cup of coffee. The energy boosts it gives users helps them concentrate on tasks, and promotes wakefulness in general.


Noopept used to be one of the most popular nootropics on the market, but as others got more popular people forgot about this powerful supplement.

People are starting to remember the benefits of Noopept, and they want more of it.

It’s said that Noopept can enhance your learning ability, improve reflexes and sensory perception, reduce anxiety and improve overall mood, advance logical thinking, and add to better overall cognitive performance.


If you want an IQ enhancement supplement that also promotes brain health, Qualia is the supplement for you.

The supplement has over 40 ingredients that are designed to boost energy, cognitive abilities, creativity, and other brain benefits.

Your Turn

What do you think is going to be the next big thing in IQ enhancement and Nootropics? Are you using something you think is great?

Tell our readers about it in the comments section!

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