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3 Ways Pregnenolone Benefits Cognitive Functions

Have you ever felt like your full potential is just out of reach? Check out how these pregnenolone benefits can help give you a cognitive boost.

Unfortunately, as we age, many key hormone levels decline. This can result in a direct impact on both memory and cognitive function. Scientists believe that you can combat this through pregnenolone benefits.

Pregnenolone is the very first hormone on a pathway that generates a bunch of key neurohormones.

Neurohormones are thought to affect cell growth and modulate various moods. That means that it has a big effect on the function of your nervous system.

This knowledge has led to more research. Researchers have begun to gather evidence for pregnenolone’s ability to improve memory, reduce anxiety, and even fight depression.

Although there are more benefits, keep reading to find out about the top three ways that this hormone can help give your brain a cognitive boost.

1. Stimulates Memory and Boosts Cognition

Although there is much more going on, you can describe brain cell’s activities as stimulated or suppressed.

You form most of your memory through stimulation. It results in the creation of dendrites which are nerve branches that connect the neurons in your brain. The more paths there are connecting, the easier you can recall information.

In order for learning to occur, hormones must activate certain receptors in the brain. Today, studies are sending shockwaves through the scientific community.

Declines in cognition, such as Alzheimer’s disease, have been associated with dropping neurosteroid levels. This leads to a buildup of harmful plaque in the brain that can disrupt communication between cells.

New evidence suggests that not only can pregnenolone strengthen the neuropathways in your brain, but it can also offer neuroprotection.

A study in France found by starting rats with poor memory on pregnenolone sulfate could completely reverse their memory loss.

2. Pregnenolone Benefits You by Relieving Anxiety

Some scientists think that anything that stimulates memory will overexcite the pathways of the brain and lead to anxiety.

As a ‘parent’ hormone, pregnenolone affects many others to help to combat this effect.

In fact, it can have an inhibiting effect on some amino receptors that can suppress brain cell activity so that you feel calm, even sleepy.

3. Helps with Active Learning

Another of the promising pregnenolone benefits is it has helped with memory performance in animals. This can make them easier to condition and train.

Also, many think that this compound can stimulate the growth of microtubules in brain cells. Your nerve cells use these important intracellular muscles to rearrange their structures.

Scientists believe that the ability to act may come from the hormone acting in the exact spot of receptor sites known to play a role in memory formation.

Learn More About Nootropics

Our knowledge of pregnenolone benefits and those of other nootropics is at a very exciting early stage. The scientific community has been able to see incredible results in their studies of hormones that affect the brain.

If this field excites you, stay current on new research. Keep reading Nootropic Junction. You will find all the latest and greatest information on how to strengthen your brain.


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